Cosmetic treatments:

Facial skin care luxury

  • Treatment value
  • Purification of dead cells and fat and impurities from the pores
  • Facial hair removal
  • Special Peeling
  • Healing clay mask.
  • Herbal healing mask.
  • Nutrition and regeneration of new cells.
  • Eyebrows and eyelashes tints
  • Anti-ageing treatment.
  • Anti wrinkle
  • Stop stress treatment
  • and more

Cosmetic Treatments maxdina wellness marbella


Facial skin care luxury – 90 minutes 72€

Cosmetic treatments:

Pure Vitamin C

Vitamin C forms part of life just as air is needed to breath. On the one hand, this vitamin’s anti-stress properties feed vital substances to the skin and on the other hand defends against free radicals that attack the cellular structure. Carefully chosen and balanced ingredients give the skin elasticity, firmness and provide moisture. A skin care series with calming, balancing and antibacterial action. The complexion looks smooth, soft and fresh! This treatment done by Maxdina Oxyvein Clinic health,Wellness & Beauty  Estepona-Marbella-Costa del sol give your skin a totally new feeling.



Cosmetic Treatments Marbella, Pure vitamin c treatments maxdina wellness marbella


Pure vitamin C – 90 minutes 90€

Cosmetic treatments:

Collagen Stimulation

Reduction of wrinkles by a stimulating new collagen formation. Essential for the appearance of the skin in its construction of collagen fibers. According to current research and results scientists have been able to verify and analyze six types of different collagens, namely collagens III is to form a homogeneous network composed with Collagen I. Thanks to CS today we have an active substance of high technology, SC III, which is proven to accelerate the formation of new Collagen III proteins. The skin appears much smoother and softer, with more fixed contours and more smooth.

Cosmetic Treatments Marbella, Collagen Stimulation maxdina wellness center in Marbella

Collagen stimulation – 90 minutes 95€


Cosmetic treatments:

Chi Yang exclusive

Nothing can stop a person’s energy, so strong and hard, blocking its fluidity, such as muscle tension. The tensions, as well those nerves, dominate our lives. The psychic stress and tension in our body are set as a muscular body tension, and are reflected in our face. CHI YANG exclusive is a method of relaxing treatment for the face and body massage. Tensions loose and locks will be freed. It activates the body’s own energy and a valuable gold powder donates to the skin a radiantly luxurious appearance. This treatment breaks down emotional and physical blockages.

Cosmetic Treatments Marbella, chi-yang-treatment-wellness-marbella

Chi Yang exclusiev – 90 minutes 105€

Cosmetic treatments:

Ceremony of Gold

Gold is the symbol of purity, prosperity, strength and heat. For over 6000 years the Chinese have known about the positive effects of this precious metal for the body and soul. Gold renews and revitalises. Your fulbor protects environmental influences, increasing the skin’s defenses and furthering resistance.The molecular effect of a soft and very small gold sheet over the body was praised by doctors in the XIV Century. Since centuries the energy charged through gold stimulates vital energy, developed in the organism leaving it positive. The colloidal gold electrolytes balance the properties and the inner balance of the body and gives a remarkable well-being.

Cosmetic Treatments Marbella, ceremony of gold maxdina wellness treatments marbella

Cermony of Gold – 90 minutes 120€


Cosmetic treatments:

Caviar Power

It is a formula for skin beauty and wellness for both male and female who want to feel very good. A direct relationship between the level of estrogen slows down sebaceous gland secretion taking extremely dry skins and prone to wrinkles. Caviar Extract Source V line a treatment by Maxdina Wellness & Beauty. Caviar Power: Take some time to enjoy the luxurious feeling of wellness. Your skin will thank you for a long time with a beautiful youthful glow on the face. Caviar Power works again anti-aging, dry skin and increases hydration. Relax for 45 minutes, forgetting your everyday life full of stress and worries and feel so much better after.

Cosmetic Treatments Marbella, maxdina wellness center Marbella, caviar-treatments-marbella

Caviar Power – 90 minutes 95€


Cosmetic Treatments for Men

KLAPP has developed this treatment for men who care, who have a skin impurities, enlarged pores and shine, mixed, and irritated skin. Treatment quickly and efficiently reduce the irritations of the skin and protect it from further unwanted reactions

Cosmetic Treatments Marbella, mens facial and massage treatments maxdina wellness marbella