Special Manicure

Manicure and Spa Pedicure

An invigorating pamper treat your hands, we’ll give your hands the treatment they deserve! A file and re-shape to the nails, hand massage with an exfoliation of the dead skin to bring back the smoothness to your hands, a hand soak in warm water and essential oils, meticulous cuticle work, and a nail buff until your nails are ready for the polish.  In Maxdina wellness center Marbella you can choose from the wide range of colors; match your mood or the season with the color that you prefer!

Manicure and Spa Pedicure

Special Manicure – 25€

Luxery Special Manicure – 30€

Special pedicure and pedicure medicinal

Manicure and Spa Pedicure.

Special pedicure, all you need to have beautiful nails in the perfect way. With good weather we like more than ever look with perfect feet and above all the nails in a nice color.

Pedicure Medicinal – trimming, filling, foot reflex massage, circulation, stimulation drainage herbal creams. Pedicure treatments Marbella extra with nail texture, painting, ingrown toenails, complete callus removal.

Special pedicure – 25€. Luxery Spa pedicure – 50€

Medical pedicure & feet massage – 45 minutes 65€

Callus remomoval, ingrown nails – 60 minutes 90€

Nail Art: Gel – Acrylic Gel – Porcelain nail fascination.

Inspiration nail inlays etc. Prints, beads, glitter, crystal sconces and studs are no longer exclusive accessories for clothing. Porcelain nail fascination, inspiration with inlays and many more.

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Gel – 52€ / Acrylic Gel – 72€ / Inlays- 90€ / Reparation – 52€

Extra decoration – 30€ / Diamond art per piece – 0,50€

Real Swarovski on request

Nail Art: Maxdina Wellness Marbella

Nail Treatments by Maxdina Wellness Center Marbella. Nails can reveal aspects of our health and personality. When they are well maintained denote self-esteem, organization and femininity. Also personally you feel happy with beautifull nails and you will receive attention by the people with you.

Nail Treatments, Manicure, Pedicure marbella nail-treatments-maxdina-marbella