Medical massage therapy with chili Maxdina Oxyvein Clinic

A large, well-known and highly recommended natural treatment, Healt, and Wellness.
The chili´s we use are cultivated in our own garden at Maxdina Oxyvein Clinic, Estepona-Marbella-Costa del Sol.
Chili has many beneficial health effects. It provides therapeutic healing and skin regeneration, great fro pain relief and good for the heart, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the circulation system, lowers cholesterol and is a natural anti-coagulant product that reduces the risk of an heart attack.
Capsaicin is the main component of the plant and is present in many medicines against arthritis and rheumatism and has positive effects to reduce headache and migraine, cure psoriasis, eczema, herpes etc.
By using the chili treatment the skin will become in good condition and will bring good and positive energy and protection to your aura.
Ask for the chili treatment and have an unforgettable experience by my healing powers.